Insurance Claims

Trusted Panel Beater for Insurance Claims

As a small team of experienced panel beaters, Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating shop is a trusted panel beater for insurance claims. Based in North Brisbane, we have a reputation for providing affordable, high quality autobody paint and panel repair services. We have a keen eye for detail and we leave no stone unturned in returning your vehicle back to showroom condition. Please give us a call for a quote on expert collision repair and insurance repair enquiries.

Whether it’s been a parking lot prang or a head-on collision, we have extensive experience in the flawless and seamless repair of our customer’s vehicles, including panel-beating, part replacement, painting and chassis repair. We have an expert team of panel beaters and painters well-equipped to bring your car back to showroom condition, and our robotic chassis alignment machine will make sure that your vehicle handles correctly, drives straight and is safe for you and your family.

Which Insurers Do You Work With?

We deal with all insurers without hassle and if your car is driveable, we’ll work with you to find the best time that suits you and our workshop schedule. Usually, if your vehicle has been written off, your insurer will arrange for your vehicle to be towed to our repair shop. In such cases, most insurers provide you with a courtesy car.

We realise that dealing with a crash, no matter how serious it is, can be traumatic for most people, and we strive to eliminate as much of the stress from your end as possible.

Seamless Repairs:

While crashes do inevitably reduce the value of vehicles, we use high quality materials and repair processes to ensure the effect on your car’s value is minimal, and that your repair is seamless.

That includes:

  • Using OEM-specification paints
  • Using OEM-specification parts and panels
  • Highly accurate chassis adjustment

Your vehicle frame, if damaged or warped, will be adjusted by our robotic chassis adjustment machine, ensuring your car drives straight. Parts are sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring they are the OEM replacement designed to fit your vehicle specifically. We use high quality paint mixes, made to OEM specifications to ensure your vehicle looks just as good as it did before the accident.

Trusted Panel Beater for Insurance Claims

Get in touch with one of our profession panel beaters to find out how we can help you with your insurance claim. Call 0416 209 048.

Custom Paintjobs

Custom Vehicle Paint Work and Airbrushing

Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating are North Brisbane’s go-to expert for vehicle restorations and custom paint work. We sit down with our customers and carefully evaluate their vision and transform their vehicles into reflections of their personality, turning heads wherever they go. Be it an entire respray, a touch-up, or colouring your new spoiler, we’ll provide a professional solution. Please give us a call to organise a quote.

Closed-door vs Entire Respray: What’s right for me?

When getting a quote for a respray, many of our customers ask about whether an open-door or closed-door respray is right for them. First of all, let’s cover the difference. A closed-door respray is your basic exterior respray; the entire exterior of the vehicle is painted, but the undersides of panels (e.g. under a bonnet, engine bay etc.) are left untouched. An open-door respray, on the other hand, is where we spray both sides of your panels, so if you open your bonnet, the underside of it and the engine bay will be the same colour and tone of the exterior colour.

Closed-door resprays are favoured because they’re typically cheaper, as entire resprays obviously require more paint, and also require more labour as most of the interior of your vehicle will need to be stripped. Entire resprays are favoured on more high-end vehicles, as well as restorations, because of their attention to detail.

For customers selecting an entirely different colour, sometimes an entire respray may seem more attractive as it will look original. If a customer wants the same colour resprayed, it’s often not worthwhile painting the undersides of the panels, as they’re the same colour and typically in better condition, as they haven’t been exposed to sunlight, and as such, a closed-door respray would better suit their needs and budget.

Fibreglass Colouring:

Got some cosmetic modifications that you want to make pop? We’ve performed professional colour matches and contrasts to all different kinds of aftermarket vehicle parts including:

  • Wheel arch and quarter panel extensions
  • Spoilers
  • Hood scoops and replacement bonnets
  • Motorbike Fuel Tanks

Furthermore, we can do the panel beating and attachment of accessories in-house; check out our panel beating services. We also offer painting of 4×4 accessories, including canopies and bulbars.

Airbrushing and Sticker Transfer Decals:

For those that just want a little bit more personalisation added to their car to showcase their passion, we can contract out a local airbrush artist who has done some fabulous designs for us in the past, including on race cars and business vehicles.

We also offer sticker transfer decal designs, which are great for those that want a bit of personalisation added, but want the ability to easily remove it should their tastes change, or when they want to sell the car.

Custom Paint Work

Get in touch with the team at Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating to organise a quote for any of our custom paint work services. Call 0416 209 048


Vehicle Auto-body Restoration and Resto-Modding

Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating have extensive experience in restoring old husks of vehicles into beautiful, historically accurate cars, ready for new life to be breathed in to them. From restorations to resto-mods, we’ll transform your vehicle into showroom condition, ready for mechanical work to be done. Our small team includes specialists in automotive panel beating, some with close to 20 years’ experience in painting, repair and restoration.

As fellow automotive enthusiasts, we are just as dedicated to your vision as you are and we sit down with you to discuss in detail the kind of car you see yourself driving in the future. Give us a call to discuss our vehicle restoration services further –  0416 209 048.

Complete Auto-body Restoration:

Ultimately, the timespan and extent of the restoration process depends on a number of factors, such as how complete the existing vehicle is and of course, their condition. Our complete auto-body restoration process is extensive and includes everything necessary to bring it to the next step of mechanical restoration and engineer approval.

Common restoration procedures we perform include:

  • Rust Removal
  • Chassis Alignment and Repair
  • Part Sourcing and Installation
  • Panel beating
  • OEM-spec and Custom-Blend Paintjobs

Is your auto-restoration starting from the ground-up? If you don’t have the time yourself, we can source parts from donor vehicles, as well as OEM and reproduction parts for your pride and joy to keep it as original as possible whilse eliminating hassle at your end.

Rust Removal Process:

Beyond the looks, removing rust is important to ensure that your car will be safe to use on the roads, and it’s something that is important to take care of before you start working on the mechanical part of your restoration; the mechanic and the engineer signing off on it will thank you for it later. We use a high-tech rust removal process to keep your car sturdy and looking great, as well as ensuring that it’ll pass engineer certification.


Paints on older cars were a lot different to how they are today, and it’s quite often difficult to source an OEM-spec paint that is true to the original. We mix paint to the original OEM paint source, ensuring maximum accuracy.

Alternatively, if you’d like to ‘resto-mod’ your pride and joy, we’ve got a range of custom paint options available to you, and one of our like-minded painters can talk to you about what we can do, and discuss how we can reach your vision.

Chassis Alignment and Repair:

If you’ve got a car that has been in a crash or has a chassis that’s warped, it’ll need to be straightened if you want your car to go straight down the road. We use a state-of-the-art robotic chassis alignment technology to straighten it back to original condition, making it fit for road use.

Vehicle Restorations

Get in touch to discuss our vehicle restoration services and organise a quote. Call 0416 209 048

4×4 Accessories

4×4 Bulbar, Canopy and Siderail Painting

Just bought a new canopy or bulbar? Have North Brisbane’s panel-beating and painting experts personalise your new accessory to match or contrast your car. Our small team of experienced auto painters will realise your vision and customise your accessory professionally, making your 4×4 stand out from the pack. Give us a call for a quote for our custom paintjob services – call 0416 209 048.

What 4×4 Accessories Do You Work On?

Our extensive experience in painting metal and fibreglass vehicles and accessories gives us the ability to paint pretty much any accessory you’d like, including but not limited to:

  • Fibreglass canopies
  • TSA Canopies
  • Side steps
  • Side rails
  • Bullbars

Our work is highly regarded in the local North Brisbane area and many 4×4 accessory shops, such as TJM, recommend us to their clients for painted work. We’re happy to work with any brand, and can work on brand new or existing accessories you have installed. While it is easier to work on equipment that hasn’t yet been installed, we’re still happy for you to come in with your car if it’s already installed and we’ll have you out the door with a high-quality paintjob in next to no time.


There’s no doubt that 3rd party accessory manufacturers often put out better equipment than their OEM counter-parts, but the problem is that they can look out of place on your vehicle if they aren’t painted to the same colour. We can work with any metal or fibreglass 4×4 accessories you have, matching your existing OEM paint, or contrasting it with black or another colour to give it a more personalised appearance.

Commitment to Quality:

We realise that 4×4 equipment cops more rough usage than any other vehicle equipment out there, and we paint your equipment with high quality paints and clear coats, allowing for them to wear the brunt of their intended usage for longer without cosmetic faults appearing easily.

4×4 Accessory Paint Work

Get in touch to have one of our professional panel beating, painting and restoration experts customise your new 4×4 accessories. Call 0416 209 048

Panel Beating

North Brisbane Panel Beater

Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating are a North Brisbane panel beater and vehicle restoration business specialising in quality crash repair and cosmetic panel beating services. We’re a small and driven team with extensive experience in painting, panel beating and restoration, offering seamless solutions for different budgets that bring cars back to showroom condition. With some of our team having experience running panel beating shops Australia-wide for nearly 20 years, we understand your passion and we stress about the finer details, nurturing your car just as you would. Please give us a call for a quote or for more information about our extensive panel beating and repair services.

Replacement Parts:

We can source and fit replacement parts for your vehicle, scheduling you in at a time that suits you. Whether your plastic panels have started to crack and chip, or a you’ve got a broken mirror, we can source OEM replacements or look for a donor part from a wrecker if necessary. Your car will look like new when we’re done.

Custom Bodywork:

Wanting your pride and joy to look a bit tougher, or a bit more ‘you’? Our team of experienced auto-body repair and fibreglass specialists have done custom wheel arches, hood scoops and spoilers for race teams and automotive enthusiasts alike. Some of the common jobs our expert team of panel beaters perform for our customers include:

  • Wheel arch / Guard rolling
  • Wheel arch extensions
  • Custom Quarter Panels
  • Side skirts
  • Part replications / moulding

Your part can be finished in your colour of choice, be it OEM-spec or an original blend, with us trying for the most accurate paint match wherever possible. If you’d like a light-weight solution, we can make custom parts out of fibreglass or carbon-fibre with our fibreglass specialist.

Chassis Alignment and Repair:

If your car needs a chassis alignment performed, our in-house robotic chassis correction machine will ensure your car is structurally sound and fit for everyday road use. Having a chassis alignment is necessary for cars that have been in serious accidents, as having a wonky frame will result in your car not handling properly.

North Brisbane Panel Beater

Speak to one of our specialist panel beating, painting and restoration experts to organise a quote to repair or transform your vehicle. Call 0416 209 048

Fibreglass & Carbon-fibre

Custom Fibreglass and Carbon-fibre Parts and Painting

Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating offer high quality fibreglass and carbon-fibre car parts, made to your specifications to suit your car specifically. Our solutions are made by a fibreglass specialist with over 35 years’ experience and are perfect for those wanting to minimise weight in performance-oriented vehicles. We use the utmost care with an eye for detail when designing and preparing our bespoke fibreglass and carbon-fibre parts; we stress about the small stuff so you don’t have to. Please give us a call to organise a quote or enquire or our custom fibreglass parts and painting.

Fibreglass and carbon-fibre parts are a great way to add customisation to your vehicle whilst also reducing weight over their steel counter-parts, making them suitable for use on race cars and drag cars. Whilst we can make carbon-fibre solutions, we do recommend fibreglass for those looking for a lightweight solution without the higher costs of carbon-fibre.

Our fibreglass specialist produces some absolutely amazing, world-class fibreglass and carbon-fibre products that can be made specifically to suit your vehicle. He’s made fibreglass solutions for race vehicles and street machines alike, and can make part replications, moulds, and from-scratch designs, including:

  • Spoilers
  • Bonnet scoops and air vents
  • Wheel arch and quarter panel flares
  • Motorbike fuel tanks

Fibreglass is a messy material and it requires expert knowledge for a quality product to be produced. Our fibreglass specialist has over 35 years’ experience and can make your dreams a reality.

Made to Last:

Our fibreglass specialist makes sure to use high quality parts made to the right thickness and tolerances to ensure that your fibreglass or carbon-fibre parts are suitable for their intended usage, and won’t warp, twist, flex, or easily scratch with regular usage.


Yes, we also paint fibreglass parts! Fibreglass is a bit different to metal, wood or plastic because of it’s messy composition and requires care in the preparation phase for a professional execution. We’re well-versed in painting fibreglass components, be they ones we’ve made or ones you’ve brought in.

Fibreglass and Carbon-fibre Parts and Paint Work

Get in touch to organise a quote for any of our custom fibreglass or carbon-fibre products or services. Call 0416 209 048

Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance and Paintwork

Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating are the go-to choice for fleet maintenance, business livery installation, paint work and panel beating in North Brisbane. Our small team of expert panel beaters and autobody painters have extensive experience within the industry and understand the kind of service that local businesses expect. We have an eye for detail and conform to deadlines well, ensuring your vehicles can be back on the road quickly, delivering revenue with little downtime. Please get in touch with us to organise a quote for our fleet maintenance and paintwork services.

Custom Paintjobs and Decals:

Have the team at Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating install your custom decals, or even airbrush custom designs for your cars to make your brand more recognisable. We’ve done basic things from coloured bulbars through to complete transfer decal customisation for numerous local businesses, who simply couldn’t be happier with our work. We work within branding constraints and design bespoke solutions for each individual client, realising their vision for what a company car should look like.

Furthermore, we also offer custom decals and paintjobs for industrial equipment, such as bobcats, excavators and cranes; check out our industrial equipment services page.


Your work vehicles bear the brunt of being used and abused every day, and we understand that. Keeping them looking good not only leaves a good impression on your customers, but can also be necessary at the end of your lease, depending on how much wear you put on your vehicles. We’re happy to work to your schedule to perform little touch-ups on any nicks and scratches to your vehicles with OEM-spec paint, all with minimal disruption to your normal workflow.

Additionally, if you’d like a cut and polish on your vehicles to keep them looking as good as new every now and then, we’re more than happy to organise a maintenance schedule to keep them looking schmick without having to take the entire fleet off the road in one go. We have experience in servicing rental car fleets with regular and incidental touch-ups, as well as touch-ups for business vehicles that spend extensive periods of time on the road.

Fleet Paint and Panel Maintenance

Get in touch to discuss our fleet maintenance, panel beating and paint repair services. Call 0416 209 048.


Industrial Equipment Paintwork and Maintenance

Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating and Paint Shop provide high quality industrial liveries, paint maintenance and panel repairs to local industrial and construction companies. We’re a small team of painting and panel repair experts, with experience working on vehicles all across Australia. After setting up shop in 2014, we’ve established a loyal customer base of business clients looking for professional paintwork done in a timely manner. Please give us a call to discuss how we can help improve the image you present to your clients with high quality liveries on your industrial equipment.

Having custom liveries deployed across your various industrial and construction equipment is beneficial to your business, especially if you’re trying to grow and attract more customers. You’re effectively paying for a moving billboard without the ongoing fees of one. We can work within branding constraints, as well as designing from-scratch air-brush or transfer decals for your industrial equipment. We realise that you might have a diverse range of different models in your fleet, and we can adapt our designs to look seamless and bespoke for each individual model in your industrial fleet.

Our portfolio of industrial work includes doing complete re-sprays and business liveries for construction equipment, vehicles, and even miscellaneous metal products, such as beams. Some of the common industrial equipment we do work on includes:

  • Bobcats
  • Cranes
  • Trucks
  • Excavators

Industrial Fleet Maintenance:

We realise that getting your industrial and construction equipment dirty and scratched up is to be expected, and for some business owners and builders, it is worn with pride. It is, however, important to have it regularly maintained to ensure the branding you have on it is still visible and attractive to customers. Maintenance also helps extend the life of your machinery’s paintwork. We can organise scheduled cut and polishes of your equipment individually, and we also work hard to get them back and ready for action as soon as possible, minimising the time it spends off the job site.

High Quality Paint:

Part of owning industrial equipment is knowing that it’ll get scratched and dirty; that’s just part of life. We do, however, think that using high quality paints with quality clear coating solutions is necessary to extend the life of the paint job in harsh environments and prevent premature wear and tear, and we only use high quality paints on all the vehicles we paint.

Industrial Equipment Paint and Repair

Get in touch to organise a quote for any of our industrial equipment repair and restoration services. Call 0416 209 048.