Custom Paintjobs

Custom Vehicle Paint Work and Airbrushing

Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating are North Brisbane’s go-to expert for vehicle restorations and custom paint work. We sit down with our customers and carefully evaluate their vision and transform their vehicles into reflections of their personality, turning heads wherever they go. Be it an entire respray, a touch-up, or colouring your new spoiler, we’ll provide a professional solution. Please give us a call to organise a quote.

Closed-door vs Entire Respray: What’s right for me?

When getting a quote for a respray, many of our customers ask about whether an open-door or closed-door respray is right for them. First of all, let’s cover the difference. A closed-door respray is your basic exterior respray; the entire exterior of the vehicle is painted, but the undersides of panels (e.g. under a bonnet, engine bay etc.) are left untouched. An open-door respray, on the other hand, is where we spray both sides of your panels, so if you open your bonnet, the underside of it and the engine bay will be the same colour and tone of the exterior colour.

Closed-door resprays are favoured because they’re typically cheaper, as entire resprays obviously require more paint, and also require more labour as most of the interior of your vehicle will need to be stripped. Entire resprays are favoured on more high-end vehicles, as well as restorations, because of their attention to detail.

For customers selecting an entirely different colour, sometimes an entire respray may seem more attractive as it will look original. If a customer wants the same colour resprayed, it’s often not worthwhile painting the undersides of the panels, as they’re the same colour and typically in better condition, as they haven’t been exposed to sunlight, and as such, a closed-door respray would better suit their needs and budget.

Fibreglass Colouring:

Got some cosmetic modifications that you want to make pop? We’ve performed professional colour matches and contrasts to all different kinds of aftermarket vehicle parts including:

  • Wheel arch and quarter panel extensions
  • Spoilers
  • Hood scoops and replacement bonnets
  • Motorbike Fuel Tanks

Furthermore, we can do the panel beating and attachment of accessories in-house; check out our panel beating services. We also offer painting of 4×4 accessories, including canopies and bulbars.

Airbrushing and Sticker Transfer Decals:

For those that just want a little bit more personalisation added to their car to showcase their passion, we can contract out a local airbrush artist who has done some fabulous designs for us in the past, including on race cars and business vehicles.

We also offer sticker transfer decal designs, which are great for those that want a bit of personalisation added, but want the ability to easily remove it should their tastes change, or when they want to sell the car.

Custom Paint Work

Get in touch with the team at Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating to organise a quote for any of our custom paint work services. Call 0416 209 048