Fibreglass & Carbon-fibre

Custom Fibreglass and Carbon-fibre Parts and Painting

Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating offer high quality fibreglass and carbon-fibre car parts, made to your specifications to suit your car specifically. Our solutions are made by a fibreglass specialist with over 35 years’ experience and are perfect for those wanting to minimise weight in performance-oriented vehicles. We use the utmost care with an eye for detail when designing and preparing our bespoke fibreglass and carbon-fibre parts; we stress about the small stuff so you don’t have to. Please give us a call to organise a quote or enquire or our custom fibreglass parts and painting.

Fibreglass and carbon-fibre parts are a great way to add customisation to your vehicle whilst also reducing weight over their steel counter-parts, making them suitable for use on race cars and drag cars. Whilst we can make carbon-fibre solutions, we do recommend fibreglass for those looking for a lightweight solution without the higher costs of carbon-fibre.

Our fibreglass specialist produces some absolutely amazing, world-class fibreglass and carbon-fibre products that can be made specifically to suit your vehicle. He’s made fibreglass solutions for race vehicles and street machines alike, and can make part replications, moulds, and from-scratch designs, including:

  • Spoilers
  • Bonnet scoops and air vents
  • Wheel arch and quarter panel flares
  • Motorbike fuel tanks

Fibreglass is a messy material and it requires expert knowledge for a quality product to be produced. Our fibreglass specialist has over 35 years’ experience and can make your dreams a reality.

Made to Last:

Our fibreglass specialist makes sure to use high quality parts made to the right thickness and tolerances to ensure that your fibreglass or carbon-fibre parts are suitable for their intended usage, and won’t warp, twist, flex, or easily scratch with regular usage.


Yes, we also paint fibreglass parts! Fibreglass is a bit different to metal, wood or plastic because of it’s messy composition and requires care in the preparation phase for a professional execution. We’re well-versed in painting fibreglass components, be they ones we’ve made or ones you’ve brought in.

Fibreglass and Carbon-fibre Parts and Paint Work

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