Vehicle Auto-body Restoration and Resto-Modding

Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating have extensive experience in restoring old husks of vehicles into beautiful, historically accurate cars, ready for new life to be breathed in to them. From restorations to resto-mods, we’ll transform your vehicle into showroom condition, ready for mechanical work to be done. Our small team includes specialists in automotive panel beating, some with close to 20 years’ experience in painting, repair and restoration.

As fellow automotive enthusiasts, we are just as dedicated to your vision as you are and we sit down with you to discuss in detail the kind of car you see yourself driving in the future. Give us a call to discuss our vehicle restoration services further –  0416 209 048.

Complete Auto-body Restoration:

Ultimately, the timespan and extent of the restoration process depends on a number of factors, such as how complete the existing vehicle is and of course, their condition. Our complete auto-body restoration process is extensive and includes everything necessary to bring it to the next step of mechanical restoration and engineer approval.

Common restoration procedures we perform include:

  • Rust Removal
  • Chassis Alignment and Repair
  • Part Sourcing and Installation
  • Panel beating
  • OEM-spec and Custom-Blend Paintjobs

Is your auto-restoration starting from the ground-up? If you don’t have the time yourself, we can source parts from donor vehicles, as well as OEM and reproduction parts for your pride and joy to keep it as original as possible whilse eliminating hassle at your end.

Rust Removal Process:

Beyond the looks, removing rust is important to ensure that your car will be safe to use on the roads, and it’s something that is important to take care of before you start working on the mechanical part of your restoration; the mechanic and the engineer signing off on it will thank you for it later. We use a high-tech rust removal process to keep your car sturdy and looking great, as well as ensuring that it’ll pass engineer certification.


Paints on older cars were a lot different to how they are today, and it’s quite often difficult to source an OEM-spec paint that is true to the original. We mix paint to the original OEM paint source, ensuring maximum accuracy.

Alternatively, if you’d like to ‘resto-mod’ your pride and joy, we’ve got a range of custom paint options available to you, and one of our like-minded painters can talk to you about what we can do, and discuss how we can reach your vision.

Chassis Alignment and Repair:

If you’ve got a car that has been in a crash or has a chassis that’s warped, it’ll need to be straightened if you want your car to go straight down the road. We use a state-of-the-art robotic chassis alignment technology to straighten it back to original condition, making it fit for road use.

Vehicle Restorations

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