Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance and Paintwork

Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating are the go-to choice for fleet maintenance, business livery installation, paint work and panel beating in North Brisbane. Our small team of expert panel beaters and autobody painters have extensive experience within the industry and understand the kind of service that local businesses expect. We have an eye for detail and conform to deadlines well, ensuring your vehicles can be back on the road quickly, delivering revenue with little downtime. Please get in touch with us to organise a quote for our fleet maintenance and paintwork services.

Custom Paintjobs and Decals:

Have the team at Mickey’s Kustom Panel Beating install your custom decals, or even airbrush custom designs for your cars to make your brand more recognisable. We’ve done basic things from coloured bulbars through to complete transfer decal customisation for numerous local businesses, who simply couldn’t be happier with our work. We work within branding constraints and design bespoke solutions for each individual client, realising their vision for what a company car should look like.

Furthermore, we also offer custom decals and paintjobs for industrial equipment, such as bobcats, excavators and cranes; check out our industrial equipment services page.


Your work vehicles bear the brunt of being used and abused every day, and we understand that. Keeping them looking good not only leaves a good impression on your customers, but can also be necessary at the end of your lease, depending on how much wear you put on your vehicles. We’re happy to work to your schedule to perform little touch-ups on any nicks and scratches to your vehicles with OEM-spec paint, all with minimal disruption to your normal workflow.

Additionally, if you’d like a cut and polish on your vehicles to keep them looking as good as new every now and then, we’re more than happy to organise a maintenance schedule to keep them looking schmick without having to take the entire fleet off the road in one go. We have experience in servicing rental car fleets with regular and incidental touch-ups, as well as touch-ups for business vehicles that spend extensive periods of time on the road.

Fleet Paint and Panel Maintenance

Get in touch to discuss our fleet maintenance, panel beating and paint repair services. Call 0416 209 048.